MOMENTUM is implementation.

We are a growing group of Detroit-area transit professionals. In a context of short-term challenges but long-term potential, we are developing specific and practical action for transit improvement.

This is our interim home page. As our effort matures, we will make additional materials available here.


Our Solutions

Regional Transit Authority

The proposed RTA, currently in the legislative process, is a major step in the right direction. However, legislation alone will not automatically improve transit.

We have developed a plan to give the RTA a critical head start. If funded, our plan can help the RTA deliver visible and meaningful transit improvements in a much shorter timeframe.



City of Detroit

To streamline, stabilize and improve transit within Detroit, we propose "The Honolulu Model" for management. This innovative approach makes transit the responsibility of a private, non-profit corporation.

We have created specific methods to engage the community, control costs and reimagine Detroit's transit system from the ground up.

Details Forthcoming...

Our Approach

Keep It Real

We understand the complex details of the transit business. We also know that true transit professionals are in this game for the right reasons – to improve mobility and to strengthen communities. At MOMENTUM, our entire effort revolves around those two goals. We bring the technical know-how to achieve them.

Through extensive community engagement and practical, professional solutions, we can make effective transit a reality for all of Metro Detroit.



We are actively seeking funding for the two projects identified here. To be realized, they both require investment – ideally from community-minded non-profit foundations that share our commitment and our motivation.

Please contact us with any ideas for funding.

Our Skillset

A sampling of the professional skills represented by our team: